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Rainbow across the world headline

highlights one historically important building on each continent. Together they span an arc of light and color over our world as a gesture of hope for worldwide peace and mutual understanding:

Red: Private Home, Montréal, Canada, North America.

Orange: Olympic Stadium Beijing, China, Asia.

Yellow: Museu Oscar Niemeyer, Curitiba, Brazil, South America.

Green: Kunsthistorisches Museum Vienna, Austria, Europe.

Blue: Pyramids, Egypt, Africa.

Violett: Sydney Opera House, Sydney, Australia.

Date of the installations: International World Peace Day, September 21st – October 3rd 2015. Project partners: Künstlerhaus Vienna, Bildrecht GmbH. Vienna;

The rainbow represents a unique symbol of hope, peace, understanding and community in most cultures. The uncountable raindrops following a shower are lit up by the sun in the colours of the spectrum to form an illuminated bridge. A rainbow thus requires both rain and sun for its origin.

The Rainbow Trilogy is a large scale artistic project with the aim of projecting the structure of a rainbow onto the whole globe and thus display it as a symbol of peace. The instigating artist, Waltraut Cooper, has divised a concept which is being carried out in three phases in the period from 1999 to 2015. She intends to employ the world as a surface both in time and space on which we can project and transmit a message in the form of a structure delineated in the rainbow colours.
This project was instigated in spring 1999 in Austria when in the course of a series of concerts, events, illuminations and school activities a symbolic rainbow was projected on Austria.The next European stage took place in 2004 on the occasion of ten new member states joining the European Union. The final global rainbow shall happen from September 2nd 2015, 70 years after the end of the last World War, to September 21st, the Internatioanal Day of Peace.
In contrast to other activities or installations, this Rainbow is a utopic conception which uses a minimalist formal language and the principle of serial structures as the basis of a simple symbolic idea. According to Cooper, the rainbow acts as a symbol of transition in time and as a bridge between opposites to link eras, space and people.

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THE RAINBOW ACROSS THE WORLD in 2015, from September 2nd, the end of World War Two till September 21st, International Day of Peace, is a GLOBAL GESTURE FOR PEACE 70 years after the end of the last World War and 200 years after the Congress of Vienna, which was the first of a series of international meetings that came to be known as the Concert of Europe, which was an attempt to forge a peaceful balance of power in Europe. It served as a model for later organizations such as the League of Nations in 1919 and the United Nations in 1945. On each continent one monument of world importance is immersed into one color of the rainbow. Together they span a rainbow over our planet as a global gesture for worldwide peace. A gesture that is more important than ever. A framework for peace events and cultural festivals.
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